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Desk Lamp Clip Aspheric Magnifier with 4 CREE LEDs

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  • 3X magnification, 5X spot lens
  • A clever patented magnification device with flexible arms - keeps projects in focus while keeping both hands free to work
  • Use with free standing base or with versatile clip that can attach to most surfaces for multiple viewing options
  • USB power supply ready outlet
  • Independent adjustable arms with rimless magnifier and 4 CREE LEDs
  • Illuminate and magnify simultaneously
  • CREE LED offers superior light output
  • Ideal for craft, hobbyist, collectors and modeling
  • LED light requires 2x AAA batteries (not included) or USB Power (USB cable not included)

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Aspheric lenses have a complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lens out to the edge. This surface profile can reduce or eliminate spherical aberration and reduce other optical aberrations such as astigmatism, compared to non-aspheric lens.




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